"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."Thomas A. Eddison(1847 - 1931)

Welcome to Living Transformation, a website dedicated to education and restoration of health, well-being, wholeness and joy.

A survey of doctors revealed that they believed at least 80% of all diseases were caused by our lifestyle choices and stress.

Some believed that it was as much as 95%. Enter into any search engine "Lifestyle diet disease prevention" and discover for yourself.

Whether it is stress (current or past experiences) or toxicity (our choice of foods or our environment eg chlorine in tap water, aluminium in our deoderant), what we accept is always our choice.

Our genes may load the gun, but it is our lifestyle which will ultimately pull the trigger.

Our society is built on the belief that our life experiences are out of our control and brings solutions which are merely plasters. Everything in our individual worlds derives from the choices we make and the power to rectify this rests only within ourselves.

I am a transformationalist. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to assist in the restoration of emotional and physical balance without the need to touch, see or even know the person.  Although the term "healer" is probably more widely known and accepted for this practice, I have found this term sadly brings with it many misconceptions and false impressions.  As well as presenting the basic knowledge of our bodies function and nutritional needs to return back to you the power for your own health, I also wish to use this site to present you with an understanding of healing as an art form. 

I am very proud to be involved in the healing arts and I hope through this site you will be able to understand the reality of this art.  Healing is complementary, not alternative, and it is a realm filled with miracles and love.

I would like to recommend that you review the different website sections in the order presented, starting with 1.Body Chemistry, following on to 2.Science & Research et cetera through to Testimonials for courses, distance healing and face-to-face healing sessions.

I hope that you will pick up some new habits which, over time, will evolve into a lifestyle.

A new lifestyle which allows you to take responsibility for your own health, happiness and wellbeing.



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