"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."Thomas A. Eddison(1847 - 1931)

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On both American continents laying on of hands has long been practiced by native shamans. They would heal the sick using the touch of their hands and herbs. These healings would take place only during the portion of the month when the moon was growing, restricting to the minimum any kind of healing activity when the moon was getting smaller. (On all continents in the ancient times herbs were collected only at the time of the waxing moon.)

As a part of their curative rituals, both Australian aborigines and African shamans would dance almost to a state of unconsciousness moving their hands around diseased areas of the body, asking their ancestors for help in healing. Both cultures used musical instruments to create certain vibrations, which, according to their beliefs, accelerated the process of healing. In addition, the aborigines would paint points and lines on their bodies, which reflect the meridians (pathways on which energy travels) used by the Chinese in acupuncture!

For thousands of years, people of many different cultures and belief systems have drawn halos and auras around the heads and figures of persons possessing "special powers" -among them the powers of healing. One would be mistaken to think that they were painted only around the Christian saints, although they commonly accompany Mary, the mother of Jesus, and other important Christian figures in most of the old paintings. Christ the Healer was typically portrayed not only with halo and aura but often also with glowing rays beaming from His hands. The Old Testament frequently mentions the presence of light surrounding a variety of figures. In India and Tibet, luminous aura can be seen in pictures of yogis, Buddhist monks and a whole pantheon of gods and goddesses. Buddha has been depicted not only with an aura surrounding his body, but with all attributes of a person who is fully developed energetically, meaning with all chakras (energy centers) portrayed.

Artistically crowned heads of kings, priests and meritorious warriors, as well as the American Indian chief’s headdress, all symbolize such a halo.  Hindu mystics and Tibetans would call this a fully developed crown chakra, or a thousand petaled chakra.