The Life Review, Love and Knowledge – NDE concluded

The Life Review is described in many ways by NDEers.  It has been referred to as being an incredibly vivid wrap-around, three-dimensional replay of their entire life:

“It’s like climbing right inside a movie of your life”.

“Every moment from every year of your life is played back in complete sensory detail.  Total, total recall.  And it all happens in an instant.”

“The whole thing was really odd.  I was there; I was actually seeing these flashbacks; I was actually walking through them, and it was so fast. Yet, it was slow enough that I could take it all in.”

NDEers re-experience all the emotions, the joys and the sorrows, that accompanies all of the events in their life.  More than that, they feel all of the emotions of the people with whom they have interacted as well.  They feel the happiness of all the individuals to whom they’ve been kind.  If they have committed a hurtful act, they become acutely aware of the pain their victim felt as a result of their thoughtlessness.  And no event seems too trivial to be exempt.  While reliving a moment in her childhood, one woman suddenly experienced all the loss and powerlessness her sister had felt after she (then a child) snatched a toy away from her sister.

Whitton has uncovered further evidence that thoughtless acts are not the only things that cause individuals remorse during the life review.  Under hypnosis his subjects reported that failed dreams and aspirations – things that they hoped to accomplish during their life but had not – also caused them pangs of sadness.

Thoughts, too, are replayed with exacting fidelity during the life review.  Reveries, faces glimpsed once but remembered for years, things that made one laugh, the joy one felt when gazing at a particular painting, childish worries, and long forgotten daydreams – all flit through one’s mind in a second.  As one NDEer summarizes “Not even your thoughts are lost …. Every thought was there.”

As an NDEer in 1821 put it, it is the ability to “simultaneously comprehend the whole and every part.”

NDEers universally report that they are never judged by the beings of light, but felt only love and acceptance in their presence.  The only judgment that ever takes place is self-judgment and arises solely out of the NDEers own feelings of guilt and repentance.  Occasionally the beings do assert themselves, but instead of behaving in an authoritarian manner, they act as guides and counselors whose only purpose is to teach.

There is a total lack of cosmic judgment and / or any divine system of punishment and reward which has been and continues to be one of the most controversial aspects of the NDE among religious groups, yet it is one of the most oft reported features of the experiences.  We live in a universe that is far more benevolent that we realize.  NDEers appear to enter a state of heightened or metaconsciousness awareness and become lucidly honest in their self-reflection.  This does not mean that the beings of light prescribe no values.  They stress two things.  One is the importance of love. Over and over they repeat this message, that we must learn to replace anger with love, learn to love more, learn to forgive and love everyone unconditionally, and learn that we in turn are loved.  This appears to be the only moral criterion the beings use.  Even sexual activity ceases to possess the moral stigma we humans are so fond of attaching to it.  It appears that in the minds of the beings of light, compassion is the barometer of grace, and time and time again when NDEers wonder if some act they committed was right or wrong, the beings counter their inquiries only with a question: Did you do it with love?  Was the motivation love?

That is why we have been placed here on the earth, say the beings, to learn that love is the key.  They acknowledge that it is a difficult undertaking, but intimate that it is crucial to both our biological and spiritual existence in ways that we have perhaps not even begun to fathom.  Even children return from the near-death realm with this message firmly impressed in their thoughts.  States one little boy who after being hit by a car was guided into the world beyond by two people in “very white” robes: “What I learned there is that the most important thing is loving while you are alive.”

The second thing that beings emphasize is knowledge.  Frequently NDEers comment that the beings seemed pleased whenever an incident involving knowledge or learning flickered by during their life review.  Some are openly counseled to embark on a quest for knowledge after they return to their physical bodies, especially knowledge related to self-growth or that enhances one’s ability to help other people.  Others are prodded with statements such as “learning is a continuous process and goes on even after death” and “knowledge is one of the few things you will be able to take with you after you have died.”

The preeminence of knowledge in the afterlife dimension is apparent in another way.  Some NDEers discovered that in the presence of the light they suddenly had direct access to all knowledge.  This access manifested in several ways. Sometimes it came in response to inquiries.  One man said that all he had to do was ask a questions, such as what would it be like to be an insect, and instantly the experience was his.  Another NDEer described it by saying “You can think of a question . . . and immediately know the answer to it.  As simple as that.  And it can be any question whatsoever.  It can be on a subject that you don’t know anything about, that you are not in the proper position even to understand and the light will give you the instantaneous correct answer and make you understand it.”

Some NDEers report that they didn’t even have to ask questions in order to access this infinite library of information.  Following their life review they just suddenly knew everything, all the knowledge there was to know from the beginning of time to the end.  Others came into contact with this knowledge after the being of light made some specific gesture, such as wave its hand.   Still others said that instead of acquiring the knowledge, they remembered it, but forgot most what they recalled as soon as they returned to their physical bodies (an amnesia that seems to be universal among NDEers who are privy to such visions.)  Whatever the case, it appears that once we are in the world beyond, it is no longer necessary to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to have access to the transpersonal and infinitely interconnected informational realm experienced. 

NDEers oftern say that during the vision the information arrives in “chunks” that register instantaneously in one’s thoughts.  One NDEer described to these bursts of information as “bundles of thought”.  Monroe, who has also experienced such instantaneous explosions of information while in the OB state, calls them “thought balls.”

Indeed anyone who possesses any appreciable psychic ability is familiar with this experience, for this is the form in which one receives psychic information as well. 

According to NDEers all forms of communication are used to receive knowledge: sound, moving hologram-like images, even telepathy.   Ring believes that the hereafter is “a world of existence where thought is king.”

When asked why the quest for knowledge is so important during life NDEers replied that they weren’t certain, but felt strongly that it had something to do with the purpose of life and the ability of each individual to reach out and help others.


Seek out joy in your life, search for fun; live from love and grace; obtain knowledge by experience for growth and please do everything from the heart......