The Mental Body

The next body after the astral is known as the mental body and the main chakra on this level is called the "Third Eye." This term originated with Indian mystics, who for hundreds of years have recognized that this chakra has special functions in foreseeing the future, other intuitive processes, meditation and prayer. The yogis call this center the "ajna." For the ancient Egyptians it was "the door to the future," while the Tibetans called it "the gate to consciousness."

A most fascinating recent discovery related to the third eye and crown chakras was made in 1992 at the California Institute of Technology. In a new study conducted by geo-biologist, J. Kirschvink, it was found that the average human brain contains about seven billion microscopic magnets, weighing a total of one-millionth of an ounce. These tiny biological bar magnets are made from crystals of the iron mineral magnetite. The crystals are strongly magnetic, unlike other iron compounds in the body. For the scientific community, this discovery again raised the question of whether humans, like many animals, might have a magnetic navigational sense. It also raised the issue of whether electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, might increase the risk of certain cancers.

How could people from ancient cultures have known that the strongest energy within the human body and around it is located in the area of the brain? How did they discover that there are special centers in the brain, such as the pineal gland, that transfer energy between the brain and the higher mind? We know, for example, that the fourth century philosopher, Herophilus, called the pineal gland a "sphincter of thought." Descartes, who in his reductionist view of the world was also looking for a place in the brain where the mind was located, referred to the pineal gland as the "seat of the soul."

For quite a long time, western medicine did not recognize the pineal gland as having any particular importance. Recently, however, scientists are changing their minds, and finally admitting that the pineal gland may play the role of master gland in our system. It may even be the key to longevity. There is more and more evidence that pineal activity is regulated by changes in environmental lighting as well as the earth's electromagnetic field (Schumann Resonance).

In developing the third eye, we not only become more aware of the flows and fields of subtle energies, but we begin to realize that we are only small parts of a much greater whole, and that any sense of separation is just an illusion. We are one with the Universe. The mental level is the highest level of energy on which a human being can operate in order to help another. It is higher in frequency than the astral level, and much higher than the etheric level.

Healing is an art that assists in the restoration of health on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels by correcting energy flows.

Healing is a non-invasive method that may be performed for any illness, stress or injury as a healing practice that has no known side effects and is complementary to all other therapeutic practices.

Every single individual is capable of learning the art of energy practice to restore health and wellbeing to themselves and others.