The main cause of aging is when the cells lose their fluidity, lipidness and communication with the rest of the body and the main cause of this cellular aging is toxic body care products.  The toxins which we eat also play a huge factor as our skin is also used to expel toxins out of our bodies.  In the name of beauty we have been putting products on our skin which are actually causing cellular degradation and gene / DNA damage.  We could put something neutral on it like olive oil and I will be following up with another article in the future “Skin - Perfectly Beautiful” which will be filled with skin facts and tips.

  • Our skin is the largest organ of our body, it eliminates and absorbs constantly.    35-45% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our skin while only 10% is absorbed through the skin in our mouths.  If you can’t eat a product think before putting it on your skin.
  • Our head has 200 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands and nerve endings – be wary of what you use to wash your hair, again, if you can’t eat it think about it.

Other causes for aging?

  • Toxins
  • When we look at accelerated aging, insulin and oxidative stress are big factors.  
  • Sugar is one of the biggest ways we accelerate the aging process.  So no point in buying all the expensive creams if you are going to sit down with a latte and muffin. 
  • A domino effect is easily started in the body and can be started with fructose or toxicity and stress causing low thyroid function, digestive issues, sex hormone imbalances and so the dice roles.

What we also need for our de-aging strategies:

  • 7-9 hours of sleep 
  • Sex at least three times a week with a partner.
  • Find some things that really help you de-stress whether it’s listening to music in the bath, reading, walking alone or with a dog. You must find your thing for de-stressing you as stress will make you old before your time, loss your sex drive, and contribute to being overweight.
  • Exercise 
  • Detox at least once a year, avoid as many toxins as possible during the rest of the year.
  • The growth hormone is also known as the hormone of youth. It’s much higher when we are younger and, like all hormones, naturally decreases as we age with the exception of cortisol, the hormone produced by our adrenal glands (which is really the last hormone we want to stick around).  Everyone is trying to find a way to replace growth hormone by taking injections etc.  But there is no way to do it physiology.  The way to improve growth hormone is to sleep, exercise, eat well and especially bring good protein into your diet.  Then it’s not just eating the protein it is digesting the protein.  Good enzymes for digesting protein if you are concerned about that these are pancreatin, betaine and pepsin.