Exercise is absolutely essential, but not just any exercise, you need to do something which fits in with your fitness level, lifestyle and time availability.  We are built to move and we are generally too sedentary in our lives. 
  • Exercise also makes you feel good, oxygenating the cells.  It detoxifies, gives you energy, changes your mental state. 
  • Exercise is not optional, it is a must.  
  • As we grow older we need to increase the amount of exercise in order to maintain our bone mass, definitely do not think believe you can decrease the quality or quantity as you age.
  • Avoid any sugar for several hours after working out.  The time immediately after you exercise is the most important part of your workout and sugars can really throw a wrench into that.

Cardio Exercise and Resistance Training:

  • Burst training is a complete workout in 15 minutes; it raises growth hormone naturally and teaches your sympathetic nervous system how to handle stress better.  There is also NO EXCUSE to not find 15 minutes and it’s only necessary every 2 days and can easily be done in the convenience of your own home.  The 2 day spacing allows for your muscles to recover and build so there is no need to try and workout every day as you will actually hinder muscle build, not assist it.  If you really want to work out every day then you need to train different muscle groups each day ie lower body one day then upper body the next thus allowing the 2 days rest required for the body to build the your muscles.   
  • Cardio burst training is great (look it up on the internet or youtube).  You go all out for 30 to 60 seconds totaling a maximum of 4 minutes.  You do resistance training in between the burst for double the time ie if you burst for 30 seconds do 1 minute resistance/strength training.   
  • One minute of burst training is equivalent to 20 minutes of moderate exercise. In 4 minutes you have done the equivalent of 1 hour 20 minutes of moderate exercise. 
  • If you are a runner you could easily transform this into a 15 minute workout. Instead of running for an hour, after you have warmed up you can sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds (or as long as you can at sprint pace) then do resistance /strength training for 60 seconds, then sprint again, et cetera until you have completed 4 minutes of sprint.  When you sprint you are not to pace yourself, you want to make yourself wipe out as quickly as possible. Outside you can use your own body weight as resistance for similar effects to those in home with weights.  
  • Some recent research suggests that burst training is much more beneficial for your heart than distance running / jogging.
  • Resistance/strength training reduces your risk of osteoporosis, improves the appearance of your muscles, makes you more resistant to injury and raises your metabolism.  With strength training it is crucial to perform the technique properly, select a moderate weight (it is not a contest).


  • Walking is not exercise, it’s only exercise if you get hot, sweat and you feel your body burning. But  you should definitely add walking to your routine.  Walking is great for bone strength but it is not enough to allow you to retain your bone density.
  • Instead of a lunch date with your friends go on a walking date over the lunch hour, a great way to relax, enjoy the fresh air with great companion to catch up on all the news and move your body.  


  • Always finish with stretching, it is absolutely key and often forgotten.  
  • Muscles naturally lose size and strength and become less supple as we get older.  This stiffening causes you to lose range of motion in your joints.  Inactivity can exacerbate the problem and in time, loss of flexibility can lead to permanent bad posture and impaired muscle function.  
  • Flexibility is key to avoiding injury during exercise, avoiding soreness after exercise, helps improve physical performance, improves the flow of blood, oxygen and energy throughout your body, boosts your immune system, improves mental, emotional performance and diffuses stress. 
  • You will find that stretching relaxes both the body and the mind.