Electro Magnetic Fields

EMF: Electro-Magnetic Fields (or rather Radiation): cordless phones, mobile phones, lights, electricity, Wi-Fi. This is an invisible field of energy which we never used to have.  Prior to the invention of electricity we didn’t have so many cancers either.  

  • 60 to 1000 hertz of dirty EMF is hitting us without even touching a computer, iPad or device. 
  • If you hold a Kindle you will be hit with 4 volts direct from the Kindle.  If you are grounded while holding the plugged Kindle this field will reduce to 18 millivolts.  
  • If you hold the iPad while plugged it you will be hit with 24volts.  If you unplug the iPad this voltage will reduce to 1.8 volts (half that of a plugged Kindle).  As soon as you ground yourself while holding the plugged iPad the voltage drops to 205 millivolts. Being grounded holding an unplugged iPad the voltage drops to 25 millivolts.
  • The earth is naturally negatively charged.  All the devices are statically charged which is an irritant, we don’t know how to discharge this in the devices themselves but we do know that having a grounding pad or wire makes massive changes or if we walk barefoot in the garden after / while exposure (not very feasible always).  
Many of our first world children are frequently playing with devices, plugged in or otherwise.  They are being exposed to a huge amount of dirty EMF.  It’s a bit strange that no body knows why they are irritated, why they are ADD, AHD or hyperactive.  
  • ALWAYS charge your device up away from you and unplug your laptop, kindle, phone, iPad or any device while using it - especially if you do not have a grounding mat (mouse or foot).  
Earthing (grounding) is a vital tool to help counteract the effects of this on our bodies.  Earthing is simply standing with barefoot on the earth and allowing all the static charge trapped in our bodies to be released into the earth.  Bed sheets and mats can also be purchased to earth us while we sleep or work.  Below are some examples of the impact earthing has on human blood and plants: