Alkaline / Acidity

In order to maintain a healthy body we need our blood to be pH neutral ie pH 7.43. 

  • Acid in the body paralyzes every cell so that it cannot do what it needs to do.   
  • Cancer and bugs (fungus, parasites, molds) thrive and grow in acidic environment.   
  • Acidity is caused by stress, coffee, chemical foods, carbohydrates. 
  • A can of soda is 3.4 pH so it will take 10 gallons of water to neutralize 1 can of soda.  
  • If we are holding on to toxins and don’t exercise our bodies will be acidic.
  • Tap water is acidic but you can make it alkaline with selected filters (nothing beats spring water – see separate article on Water to follow).  
  • Everything green is alkaline, fruits are either acidic or neutral with the exception of lemons, limes, grapefruit and orange which are alkaline.