• Our teeth, like reflexology, are connected in the energetic pathways which run through our bodies; each corresponding to an organ of your body.  Having infections or root canals blocks the energetic flow through the body leading to degeneration and other problems of the body.  If you have trouble with a particular organ have a look at the tooth which corresponds to it, does it have a filling or root canal?  http://wholehealthdentalcenter.com/whole-health-center/tooth-organ-chart/  If you have mercury fillings please watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqIdGwAMxxs
  • Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands and is released into our system when we are in a stressful situation.  It provides us with the rush we need for “flight or fight” situations.  After any situation of stress the released adrenalin and cortisol will circulate for 48 hours after which is generally why it takes until Sunday afternoon before we really relax from a stressful Monday to Friday job. 
  • If you walk into a shop and can smell the toxic chemicals from it like a sports shoe shop, the toxicity in there is off the radar, don’t hang about too long.
  • We should be having a bowel movement 2-3 times per day and we should not be running to the bathroom either.  
  • In the umbilical cords of babies over 200 chemicals can be found – if you are thinking about becoming pregnant consider a detox first then maintain a toxin free diet throughout the pregnancy.
  • Sugar is the food of cancer – discovered in 1931 by Dr Otto Warburg (Nobel prize winner).  If you have cancer, stop eating sugar immediately, 100%, zero intake. Cancer cells are an inefficient process of fermentation, they don’t need oxygen like normal cells, they love sugar.  80’000 men were studied by the National Cancer Association and if they drank 2 soda drinks a day they had an 80% increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.  The life expectancy of pancreatic cancer after diagnosis is 1 year.  Eliminate sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Fungus also feeds on sugar, if you have any type of fungal infection like candida or similar stop eating sugar in any form.
  • A brief on Soy: An old wives take in Japan “If you catch your man cheating, feed him soy”. Soy lowers testosterone, so lowers libido and lowers sex drive.  If you think that is frightening then think seriously before feeding soy to a boy as it inhibits puberty, preventing them from going through the necessary hormonal changes to evolve them into men.  Soy vegetarians can have immense problems with weight because of the soy as it can make them weight loss resistant.  This can really hold your health hostage and zap your energy which in turn messes up your mental focus and impact on every part of your life.
  • Following on from above, if you want to increase the libido in a man…… you want to find things which are high in zinc. Oysters would be a double whammy as they also raise dopamine and zinc.  Oysters, lentils, nuts and things rich in arginine help with blood flow and testosterone.  Besides being a serious antioxidant punch, pomegranate juice increases nitric acid, a huge stimulant of the blood flow.  It’s all about the blood flow, baby……  
  • For women, the biggest influence on her sex drive is stress.   Stress is really bad for both men and woman so we need to de-stress.  It is a Mother Nature mechanism kicking in as should we really be making babies if we are stressed?  Stress hits the sex hormone cascade and starts lowering testosterone in both men and women. So our libido goes down.   What can we do to get the libido back?  Interestingly, if a man eats celery he releases an odorless pheromone that really turns women on so if you are a guy, eat celery and give your lady a night off with a massage to de-stress her.
  • One for the girls:  it is often remarked that women who take the pill have a reduced occurrence of cervical cancer. Here’s the reason (and it has nothing to do with the ingredients in the pill): girls on the pill have greatly reduced periods meaning that girls will use tampons for perhaps 1-2 days instead of 3-5 days for girls with regular period.  Tampons are full of bleach and other toxins; I don’t think I need to explain more apart from advising you that it is possible to buy natural cotton tampons which are chemical and bleach free – if you must use a tampon please only use the toxin free variety.
  • Genetics and cancer: The New England Journal of medicine studied 44’788 pairs of twins and determined that diet and lifestyle were a better indicator of cancer risk over genetics.  Genetics is not your destiny.
  • The liver is a master organ in our body and has a multitude of very important functions. Proper liver function keeps the heart, the brain, the kidney and the pancreas disease free.  The liver processes everything we drink, eat and breathe.  If we choose to consume artificial dead foods or sugars or overeat or snack constantly you are forcing your liver to stop manufacturing proteins or metabolizing the potentially harmful biochemical products produced by the body and focus on eliminating these artificial toxins or metabolizing excessive consumption or digest.
A couple of tips:
  1. oTry to rest your liver and not eat every 2 hours.  Snacking is a new fad in our society; 2 or 3 meals a day is all we need;
  2. oEat bio/organic, pesticide free foods, these toxins shock the body,
  3. oPrepare your meals starting from single ingredients ie they are in the same form they are grown eg there is no bread tree, no sausage animal. Consume foods without anything artificial in them.
  4. oDetox
  5. oDrink water
  • Dead food: this is essentially food which has been irradiated with so many chemicals that there is no life in it.  Life in the form of enzymes and nutrients.  If you are interested to experiment with dead food I suggest you purchase a McDonalds hamburger and leave it in a box somewhere in a cupboard, open your box after 3, 4, 5, or 6 months and you will find that it is still completely intact, there will be no mold, fungus, deterioration of the food at all (unless a fly got in there and laid some eggs).  It looks like food but because all the life has been taken out of it, it cannot decompose, it is dead.  There is nothing in dead food which will satisfy any of your body needs however it will put stress on your organs as they process it.
  • We have 75million cancer cells on every given day, everyone of us.  Our immune system is miraculous and keeps them in check but we bombard our bodies with stress, toxins and our immune system becomes overwhelmed which causes the production of more and anxo cells which coat themselves with phybrine coat 15 times exactly which allows it to grow into cancer.  We need pancreatic enzymes which are the only enzymes in our bodies which can take the layers off the cancer cells and allow the body to remove them. We need to have a good immune system. Pancreatic depletion occurs when we eat excessive sugar, carbohydrates and bad protein.  Every cell has the capacity to become a cancer cell under the “right conditions”.
  • Body fat is its own endocrine organ and it produces pro-inflammatory hormones putting your whole body at risk so you need to keep it to a minimum – I’d prefer to say “normal” level here but normal today is way above what it should be.
  • If you are low on vitamin C, deficient by 12-15%, it will be hard to control stress hormones and it can inhibit fat burning and immune boosting. 
  • If you are at home using cleaning products you are 54% higher risk of getting cancer.  There are plenty of cleaning products which do not use chemical.   (Cheap) vodka is a great antibacterial product for starters…..!!
  • TOFI – Thin Outside Fat Inside. There are people who manage their weight by diet without any exercise. These thinner people, without muscle to support them, are at a higher risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Please exercise and eat to build muscle if you are a TOFI.
  • There is so much information on the internet on fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwashes and chlorine in water that I shall leave it to you all to investigate and decide for yourselves.