What Next?

If you want to change the way you are, you need to change your lifestyle.  Only you are responsible for your health and here are a couple of tips to start you off.

  • You may have food sensitivities if you hold onto excess fat, have embarrassing gas and bloating, feel tired, have skin or joint issues, cravings for specific foods, poor focus, headaches, mood swings.  Identify food allergies/intolerances with tests through your doctor or get a home kits to do in the privacy of your own home and are available at http://www.metametrix.com/ who have worldwide laboratories.   It is important to know which intolerances you have as consuming them will cause inflammation and leaking in the body so you must eliminate these foods.  When you do eliminate foods which you are intolerant and reacting to the first days can be really tough.  You crave that food like crazy just because your body has developed antibodies which are looking to work and searching for the food.  Once your body clear out those immune complexes the symptoms start to go away.  You’re not producing the antibodies because the antigens aren’t there.
  • Perhaps consider the blood type diet which a lot of holistic doctors approve.
  • Consider juicing (press or grinder not centrifuge) if you are very ill you will not have a good gastro intestinal system so juice takes the pressure out of the intestines because the fiber interferes with the absorption of all the micro nutrients which as so vital for recovery of the body.
  • Eat mostly organically grown produce, try to eat majority of vegetables raw.  If you find it difficult or expensive to buy only organic then at the very least ensure that you purchase the “dirty dozen” organically.  
  • Avoid all things white: flour, sugar, potato (sweat potato is not a problem), rice.
  • Make sure your pH balance is alkaline – you can buy a test kit at most pharmacies
  • Nutrients: minerals, fatty acids, omegas, amino acids, vitamins  and even enzymes and digestive aids – from 40 years we start to produce less hydrochloric acid which enables us to absorb all of our food and break down everything in order to be able to absorb the minerals and nutrients in our food ie if you don’t break it down you don’t absorb so the vitamins and protein consumption etc is greatly hindered. Eating dead food will inhibit hydrochloric acid and enzyme production.
  • Vitamin D, 95% of people have too low levels of vitamin D.  Vitamin D is the only vitamin which is also a hormone.  Most people are insufficient in vitamin D because we wear sunscreen and we need 20 minutes a day of sun (with no sunscreen). In the winter we need double that.  Vitamin D is the major immune modulating vitamin.  You can purchase it in liquid form which is easily absorbed into the body.
  • Sleep at least 7-9 hours a night.  
  • Exercise 
  • Avoid:
  1. Tobacco (it also has sugar in it)
  2. Alcohol, it depresses the immune system
  3. Soda
  4. Preserved and pickled foods
  5. Sugar, cookies (even bio / organic cookies – just because it is bio doesn’t make it good for you), candy, pies, processed flour, bread, remember that potato and rice turns into sugar
  6. Unfavourable carbohydrates
  7. Fast food and processed food
  • Eat foods as close to nature as you can to avoid bad additives.
  • READ LABELS, even for Bio products…..
  • If you wear perfume, wear it on your clothes, not your skin.
  • Grow your own food !!  Look at “Square Foot Gardening”  or “The Edible Balcony”
  • Live, think and feel like a healthy person.  If you want to change the way you feel, change the way you live.
  • At a restaurant you are not obliged to select exactly the dishes set out, the menu shows you all the produce available, don’t hesitate to select from the different dishes to compile your own.  
  • Personally, I choose to be strict with my food intake Monday to Friday. From Friday evening on (and on holidays away) with the family I am less strict.  Generally I am upto 1 kilo heavier by Monday morning but I’m not concerned as by Wednesday I’m back to my usual weight.  I will also not dictate what I can and cannot eat when I am invited to someone’s home for a meal, it’s only one meal….. obviously if you are intolerant or allergic you would mention something otherwise I have no problem eating white rice and supermarket meat.  Organic meat is rarely found in restaurants so why should I refuse it at a friend’s home.  It’s a personal choice in my home and I have no right to force my choices on other people.
  • Knowledge without action is useless, health is a long term process and changing to healthy habit is an absolute.
  • Replace habits, get new habits into your life and over time it will become just the way you live.