The experiments found in the “Science and Research” section are reinforcing what our ancestors have inscribed on the temple walls, penned onto timeworn parchments and engrained into the lives of the people themselves.  There is an energy that connects everything, our ancestors tried to show us how to heal our bodies and breathe life into our deepest desires and greatest dreams.  It is only now, 5000 years after the first of those instructions was recorded that science has rediscovered the very same relationship between our world and us.
Each experiment on its own shows us something that appears to be an anomaly existing beyond the bounds of conventional thinking, and some of the findings may even be a little surprising.  Without a greater context we might be tempted to put the experiments into a category of “things to take another look at on another day….. one far, far away.”  But when we consider the experiments together, something no less than paradigm shattering happens.  They begin to tell us a story: 
-          Poponin showed us that human DNA has a direct effect on the photons and vibration of light;
-          In the military experiment, we learned that whether we’re in the same room with our DNA or hundreds of miles away we are still connected to its molecules, and all effects are the same;
-          Human emotion has a direct effect on DNA which in turn directly impacts the stuff our world is made of;
-          An energy form exists that’s unlike any we’ve ever quantified, the physicists are still trying to label it, define it and give it some rules and laws but this energy remains elusive to the finest minds of our time – the energy is living;
-          There is a field that connects everything in creation; it exists as you and as me, instantaneously.  It’s the universe inside of us as well as the one that surrounds us, the bridge between all that’s possible in our minds and what becomes real in the world;
-          We have the ability to tap into the field of information and know what we wish to seek…. Provided we know that we do not know the answer and trust that the field will show us the answer.  That’s what Einstein, Bohr, Telsa and all the greats did.
-          There is life and emotion in plants and metals, everything 'feels' around us. 
-          Every emotion we have has impact on the energy and vibration of our environment.
-          Through our brain heart we are connected to everyone and to anyone we choose to connect to, instantaneously.
In our Universe in which the consciousness of a physicist affects the reality of a subatomic particle, the attitude of a doctor affects whether or not a placebo works, the mind of an experimenter affects the way a machine operates, and the imaginal can spill over into physical reality, we can no longer pretend that we are separate from anything.
This is the beginning of a technology, an inner technology, that does more than simply tell us we can have an effect on our bodies and our world… it shows us that this effect exists and how it works.
-          An energy exists in all the space and is the foundation of everything in our world and we control this energy with our intention.
-          Our heart brain together with our DNA gives us access to an energy that connects our entire universe, and intention is the key to tapping in to the field.
-          Our connection to the field is the essence of our existence.  If we accept how it works and the way we’re connected to it, then we have all that we need to apply what we know of the field to our lives.
This divine energy which is everywhere all the time surrounds us in its simplest form, it is:
-          The container for our universe to exist and grow;
-          The bridge between our inner and outer worlds;
-          The mirror that reflects our everyday thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs;
-          It appears to have intelligence and it responds to the power of our emotion and intention.
The Scientists have yet to agree on a single term to describe this energy: God, God-force, the mind of god, zero point field, unified field, universe, nature’s mind, quantum hologram, cosmic force and the list goes on…..
Today we are at a turning point in medical history.  Abundant evidence exists to prove that the human body is an energetic, vibrant, emotional and spiritual entity.  Mainstream science is acknowledging the energy meridians used by ancient Chinese medical doctors for thousands of years.  Acupuncture in particular is being recognized for its energetic healing power, even if it is not fully understood by the medical community.  Chiropractic adjustments are also accepted.  Nontraditional healing practices have gone from being ridiculed to being respected.  This is partially because technology has improved and scientist have been able to test more accurately, and partially because these alternative healing methods actually do work.
As far back as 1940’s Dr Harold Saxon Burr, a distinguished medical researcher at Yale, insisted that pathology could be detected in the energy field of the body long before physical symptoms began to emerge.  Burr proposed that disease could be prevented by adjusting or manipulating the energy field.   The importance of the energy field is still not taken into account in Western medical practices and thus, the patient often suffers needlessly due to lack of proper attention to the underlying causes of their illness as is done in Eastern medicine. 
As technology continues to advance, scientists and doctors will inevitably realize how important it is to keep the body in a state of balance.  The magnetic and energetic healing techniques that alternative practitioners already use will hopefully be integrated into conventional medicine to provide the best, most thorough and most gentle healing.  It was not so long ago that scientists didn’t recognize that the human body had an energy field, much less that our very health depended on it.  Research will continue to push back those boundaries.  All methods of healing are valid and have their place.  
Healing is an art form and utilizers all the resources discussed in "Science and Research" to assist in the restoration of balance to a person.
These are words from the Wisdom Keeper of the 1 mile canyon in New Mexico.....
“A long time ago, our world was very different from the way we see it today.  There were fewer people, and we lived closer to the land.  People knew the language of the rain, the crops, and the Great Creator.  They even knew how to speak to the stars and the sky people.  They were aware that life is sacred and comes from the marriage between Mother Earth and Father Sky. In this time, there was balance and people were happy.  Then something happened.  No one really knows why, but people started to forget who they were.  In their forgetting, they began to feel separate – separate from the earth, from each other, and even from the one who created them.  They were lost and wandered through life with no direction or connection.  In their separation, they believed that they had to fight to survive in this world and defend themselves against the same forces that gave them the life they had learned to live in harmony with and trust.  Soon all of their energy was used to protect themselves from the world around them, instead of making peace with the world within them.  Even though they had forgotten who they were, somewhere inside of them the gift of the ancestor remained.  There was still a memory that lived within them.  In their dreams at night they knew that they held the power to heal their bodies, bring rain when they needed to, and speak with their ancestors.  They knew that somehow they could find their place in the natural world once again.  As they tried to remember who they were, they began to build the things outside of their bodies that reminded them of who they were on the inside.  As time went on, they built machines to do their healing, made chemicals to grow their crops, and stretched wires to communicate over long distances.  The farther they wandered from their inner power, the more cluttered their outer lives became and the things that they believed would make them happy. 
No one knows how the story ends because the story is not finished.  The people who got lost are our ancestors, and we are the ones who are writing the ending.  What do you think…?”
Although we haven’t found toasters or digital cameras in archaeological digs or records while we look at the remains of advanced civilizations such as those in Peru, Egypt, are we witnessing the remnants of a technology so advanced that they didn’t need such gadgets?  They may have had something better.   We certainly know that they performed surgeries and survived.  They had vast irrigation systems and sophisticated crops.
What do you intend for our future?