Phantom Forces in Nothingness and Water

Researchers Dr. Vladimir Poponin and Dr. Peter P. Gariaev were looking to test the effect of DNA on light particles (photons) in an attempt to determine what effect that we have on the "nothingness" which surrounds us. They created a vacuum in a specially designed tube which nothing inside of it, however, as scientists, they knew that it was full of photons. Using special detection equipment they measured the particles location within the tube. The photons were distributed in a completely unordered manner in the tube, this was no surprise to the researchers. For mere mortals as ourselves the photons could have been clustered, clinging to the sides or piled at the bottom but no, they were randomly everywhere. A sample of human DNA was then placed inside the closed tube with the photons. The particles then did something that no one anticipated: they arranged themselves differently in the presence of the living material. It shaped the photons into regular patterns through an invisible force. Our DNA, in a controlled environment, had a direct effect on the quantum stuff that makes up our world! As an added bonus (as if they needed more!) when the DNA was removed from the tube the photons remained ordered. They did not return to their original random state. This was not expected. Instruments were checked. Results determined. What was affecting the particles of light? Was the DNA leaving behind a residual force? What was this mysterious phenomenon?


Were the DNA and light particles still connected in some way and on some level that we don’t recognize even thought they were physically separated? Poponin concluded that they were “forced to accept the working hypothesis that some new field structure is being excited.” They called this new phenomenon the “DNA phantom effect”. (Similar to Max Plank and his “matrix”.) There is a verifiable underlying force at work, surrounding us, reacting to us, the researchers just do not know yet what make of it.

The DNA phantom effect shows us that: a type of energy, a force, exists that has previously gone unrecognized by the wider society and cells/DNA influences matter through this form of energy. A real and verifiable connection exists between life and matter.

The DNA phantom effect reminds me of similar effects which form the basis of homeopathy. Water is miraculous. Scientists do not understand how these 2 gases (oxygen and hydrogen) can be a liquid at room temperature. (I will discuss the marvelousness of water in a separate article as it deserves effect with homeopathy I shall mention it briefly here.)

Water changes its appearance and has memory just like photos had around DNA. The magical memory which water has is utilized in laboratories to dilute white blood cells to identify allergens. Water takes on the structure of DNA (animal or plant) and duplicates / mirrors it. You starts with an active substance and you dilute it to the point where virtually none of the original substance is left, only minor traceable quantities will remain. Water will hold the same structure as the original active substance and will act consistently as if it were that substance. This is the basis of homeopathy.

In the 1980s an allergy specialist, Jacques Beneviste did extensive research with Elizabeth Davenas creating many thousands of high dilutions of the anti-IgE (the type of white blood cell which contains the antibodies of immunoglobulin) as IgE easily responds to allergens such as pollen or dust mites – i.e. the reaction can be measured. Beneviste and Davenas research spread over 4 years and was extremely extensive. They were diluting the IgE parts down to one part in 1060 with success. They progressed to one part in 10120 where there is virtually no possibility that a single molecule of the IgE was left yet they were still seeing the effects as if the water was IgE. They proved what homeopathy has always claimed ie that the weaker the solution, the more powerful its effect. As they were diluting in concentrations of one to 1000 from the third dilution they found that the reaction started to decrease. However, from the 9th dilution on the experiments took a U-turn and from then on the effect of the IgE began to increase, and increase the more it was diluted.

In 1988 Benveniste joined force with five different laboratories in four countries (France, Israel, Italy and Canada) to replicate the results. The 13 scientists published jointly in Nature magazine showing that if solutions of antibodies were diluted repeatedly until they no longer contained a single molecule of the anti-body, they still produced a response from immune cells. The authors concluded that none of the molecules they’d started with were present in certain dilutions and that “specific information must have been transmitted during the dilution / shaking process. Water could act as a template for the molecule, for example, by an infinite hydrogen-bonded network, or electric and magnetic fields …. The precise nature of this phenomenon remains unexplained.”

Unexplained phenomenon forces surround us.


An excellent documentary if you remain intrigued :