Across Cultures and Centuries

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Holistic and vibrational medicine of the future will undoubtedly benefit from our experiences with such methods. In light of new discoveries, they are likely to be given a fresh interpretation which, unlike in the past, would not place them in the category of witchcraft or superstition.

For the purpose of clarity, the term energy medicine is not meant to refer to the branch of technical medicine associated with the physiological results produced in electrostatic, electromagnetic, magneo-static or acoustic fields, as they are used in electrocardiograms, encephalograms, ultrasounds, tomography, magnetic resonance images, x-rays and others. However, the mere fact that we use these equipment only confirms the existence of these fields.

Most contemporary physicists agree that there is only one basic form of energy in the universe, from which everything has emerged, and continues to emerge. This viewpoint, at least so far as the theory of fields relativity is concerned, is in full agreement with the occult way of looking at energy. The majority of scientists do not even want to touch the subject of spiritual energy, though many of them agree that the world we live in, from planets, stars and suns to solar systems and galaxies, is in a state of constant vibration. Furthermore, the Earth and all living beings on it, down to cellular levels, are in a similar state of vibration. This vibration indicates the energetic nature of the universe.

According to this understanding, every physical being, including humans, is also an energy being. It is apparent that many of our ancient civilizations knew this long ago. This systematic knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation in Tibet, China, India, and the entire Far East. As a valuable part of the tradition, this knowledge continues to be used and practiced today, as it gains popularity in other parts of the globe. There is no doubt that some of this expansion in recent years is due to the rapid development of scientific research indicating and validating the electromagnetic nature of life on Earth.