The Etheric Body or Thermal Field

The first energy field beyond the physical body is called the etheric field (a Tibetan term) or the etheric body (according to the Hindu mystics). For most people this field is invisible.  The etheric body looks like an outline of a human physical body, radiating about two to three inches outward from it.

All living organisms on earth have an energy blueprint - the etheric body. The etheric body is often called the master builder, or the matrix of the physical body. Its structure resembles icy fern fronds painted on a window by the winter frost.

Each part of the physical body is strongly connected with its equivalent in the etheric body. There is an etheric liver, heart, etc. Even if a particular organ is removed from the physical body, the etheric replica of that organ still exists.

Many shamans in South America refer to the etheric body as the "double body" or "double physical," because it looks like an extra large replica of the physical body. The Aborigines in Australia have another name for the same field. They call it a "shadow body," a body that is inseparable from the physical form. Some scientists, such as Dr. Saxton Burr in his book, A Blueprint for Immortality, regard the etheric a pattern for the physical body. Our recently developed energy science often refers to this level as the thermal field, because it can be detected by infrared camera. This term can be found in contemporary books about energy medicine and was probably first introduced by a group of scientists from the Soviet Academy of Science in Moscow, who gave a very interesting statement several years ago about the radio-thermal radiation of human organs. According to this statement, there is a proof that every organ in the human body radiates on a different wavelength. Organs that are located close to the body's surface have a short wavelength of vibration, while organs that are located deeper inside the body have a longer wavelength. Computer image signals coming from different degrees of the body's depth were found to provide, in effect, a very interesting picture of the thermal field. However, the most interesting finding happened by 'accident' when someone drew a line connecting the ends of the rays of these vibrating organs. Can you guess what shape appeared? Exactly the same shape that had been described by yogis and others as the etheric body.

Regardless of which term we decide to use, whether it be the etheric body, thermal field, double body, shadow body, or blueprint or matrix of the physical body, all describe the glowing first layer of energy that surrounds and penetrates the body, including all original limbs and organs.