The Astral Body or Electromagnetic Field

The astral body (according to yogis and Hindu mystics), or the astral field (the term used in Tibet), surrounds the etheric body, often penetrating it. In Africa, South America and China, this body is called the emotional field. Some healers call it the aura (an ancient Greek term), while researchers refer to it as a low frequency electromagnetic field.

The astral level of energy is a subtler, more mobile field with a higher frequency than the etheric level. Aborigines call it the investigating field because it is curious, moves quickly and investigates everything and everyone around us. The astral field brings us warnings, confirmations and first impressions and is involved in every emotional situation in our lives. It assumes the perfect shape of a large cocoon only when we are able to master our emotions and keep them calm. That is why a reading on this field can be done correctly only when the subject is in a deep, emotionless and meditative state.

The ideal human astral body looks like a big eggshell or cocoon surrounding the physical and etheric body or like a dome when we sit with our legs crossed. Our emotions and strong desires can distort their shape and create imbalance, weakness and congestion in the chakras.

Physics tells us that every warm-blooded being, as well as every substance warmed to the Earth's temperature, becomes a source of electromagnetic radiation, with maximum intensity in the central part of the infrared spectrum. This means that every living human being creates his or her own electromagnetic field. We also learn from physics that every closed electrical current, even when weak, creates its own electromagnetic field. The ancient science of acupuncture, which after thousands of years of existence in China has finally been recognized in the West, instructs us about the energy flow through the physical body by means of the meridian system. We also know that diagnostic measurements such as the EKG and EEG are possible thanks to the existence of energy inside the body. Since this energy flows in closed currents, there is no doubt that we create an electromagnetic field. If we attempted to draw such a field only by using principles of physics, it would look like the shape of the astral body around our physical body.