“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says “I’m possible”!”

Audrey Hepburn

Course Testimonials

The comments below come from people who have attended a full 2 day course (4 sections of 3 hours).


“I would like to thank Dawn for everything she taught at the energy course I attended in February 2010.  Dawn’s passion and belief in her subject matter was clear for all to see.  The concepts were presented in a simple way, and after three hours I was able to see the results of leveling someone’s shoulders myself.  This training has allowed me to prevent bumps and bruises developing on my children and their friends after a fall or accident (literally you can see the redness disappear).

It also helped me to stop my hairdresser’s migraine which developed while she was colouring my hair and get my hair cut after all!  It is now my first ‘first aid’ technique.

As Dawn says – anyone can learn and use the techniques she teaches.  I look forward to expanding my knowledge at her next course.”

Lyn M, Geneva


“I've always been interested in energy and its power and I've always wanted to learn about it. Having been through quite difficult times last year I felt this course could help me heal and feel more empowered and positive. The course totally matched my expectations.”

Bea, Geneva


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Face-to-face Healing Session Testimonials - Up close and personal

“I met Dawn in 2005 through my sister. I had a scoliosis in the spine whose curve was 32o, which is so severe that doctors thought I would eventually need surgery. The surgery would have locked my back permanently, not allowing me to ever bend properly again, with the risk of leaving me paralyzed. My scoliosis was so severe that I was warned to keep my body weight low as my spine would not be able to hold excess weight. I was also warned that if I become pregnant the condition is sure to worsen due to the extra weight. In 2005 Dawn held her hands along my spine and my spine straightened, she barely touched my skin during 3 sessions while I could feel a variety of sensations move through my spine (heat and tingling sensations). 

I found Dawn to be an excellent practitioner. She was attentive and sensitive and put me at ease throughout the entire process. When she announced my spine was straight I could hardly believe it and it took some time to really live like a person with a strong straight spine. The pain I was constantly under is no longer there. My spine is straight in 2012 and will definitely be able to support the weight of a child which is a true gift.”

U., Dublin

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Distance Healing Testimonials – “Once upon a time, in a land far far away…..”

Maria’s suspected Pancreatic Cancer

In March 2011, Maria was in at home in Poland when her abdominal pain became very severe; she was coughing blood and was admitted to hospital immediately. Maria had growth mass, inflammation, cysts and blood work which all substantiated the doctors opinion. All that was left was the MRI to confirm her doctors dianosis of pancreatic cancer before treatment would begin.  I was lucky enough to have already been invited by her daughter, who lives near me in the Geneva area, for lunch and afternoon play for our children.  After lunch I started to work on Maria and continued for approximately 2 hours.  Maria was schedule for an MRI that evening.    The results are attached and speak for themselves.  The MRI showed a completely normal pancreas.  The doctors took more blood for testing as they were a bit confused.  Maria’s blood result were normal all the indicators of the suspected pancreatic cancer disappeared.  While in hospital Maria was given no medication, she left the day after her MRI and was only told of my involvement 2 weeks later.  See the results here for yourselves……



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