“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says “I’m possible”!”

Audrey Hepburn

Distance Healing Testimonials – “Once upon a time, in a land far far away…..”

It is not "normal" to live with any type of pain 

"Words can never express my gratitude for the healing and transformation that Dawn has so lovingly given me.  

For approximately 4 to 5 years I have been having pain in the lower part of my tummy, this would occur daily, I became so accustomed to it that it became part of my daily life. I would always be careful before bending over to pick something up, when climbing into the bath or up the stairs even getting out of bed.  My doctor said that these sharp pains are due to my ovaries sometimes becoming inflamed and I would have to decide if I wanted to go on medication.  I have always been a gentle kind helpful person and the result was that I always ended up being taken advantage of which hurt me and each time after being hurt I would automatically block people out of my life.  I asked Dawn if she could try and help me on these 2 points and she did two distant healing sessions for me.  I was amazed that the next morning after the first session I felt nausea which lasted until the middle of the afternoon, I told Dawn that it felt like when I was pregnant and we laughed about it because I am going onto my 60th birthday.   That evening I did not feel any pains but each time I bent over etc I was waiting for the pain, my waiting for the pain lasted four days from then on I have completely forgotten what the pain was like.  After the second session I felt very sad for no reason for two days, Dawn told me she had seen a large wall around my heart which was taken down and removed some emotional blocks which takes the body upto 2 days to process.  After the second day in the evening I felt very light and happy and the next morning I felt so carefree like a load had been lifted from my shoulders.  I take everyone and everything very lightly now which is a big change because normally I always try and be very serious in my work,  I feel so good I want to scream and tell the world.

Dawn is a warm, beautiful and compassionate woman. The love she radiates is like a wonderful warm ray of sunshine."    Denise, Geneva  15.June.2012


Silvia’s Story

In 2009 Silvia was pregnant and observed a pain in her right pelvic area. A month later she miscarried. The pain in her pelvic areas remained, she had had 2 gynecological operations there also and both her ovaries gave almost constant pain. I met Silvia in 2011 and offered to treat her at distance for her discomfort, she agreed and let me know that she was seeing an acupuncturist and physiotherapists, under a special diet all in the hope of removing the pain in her pelvic area and becoming pregnant. I sent Silvia an email of what I discovered when I connected with her at distance, below is the email exchange:
Dawn:  “I had a quick look and corrected the following misalignments: Organs: bladder, uterus, small intestine, colon; Glands: ovaries, thyroid, pancreas. have no idea if this will make a difference to the discomfort you feel but your body did not wish me to continue. Let me know if you notice any change in your daily discomfort.”
Silvia:  “It's a strange feeling because I didn't know when you started and since this afternoon I feel quiet "strange"(perfect transit, sensation of hit on my stomach and colon, some sweat, strange sensation in my throat and small since two hours a small left headache). I can tell you that I have no more pain in my right side ovaries which was painful yesterday and early in the morning( I just feel a very small and light "pain" in my left side ovaries(hips)right now). All the organs and glands you describe me are the one my physiotherapist and acupuncture told me that are weak. That's why I am eating differently for my colon and intestine and I have some exercises to do to activate and irrigate my pancreas (Yoga poses). So, I am really impressed you find my weakness without touching me! Thank you again for your help! I appreciate a lot. And don't worry if my body "blocked" because it's kind of a "shocked body" since 2 years (when I had my miscarriage). I will tell you if I feel something new.
Silvia a week later: “I just want to let you know that I really feel better, even if I started with a mix of flu-asthma! Since this Wednesday I can say that I have no more pain in my ovaries and pelvis. That’s a huge relief for me! I really want to thank you again for your time and help.”

Silvia is pregnant and her baby was born on April 20th, 2012.

Aside, a strange observation. I was married on 01.02.03 (we choose the first Saturday in February not realizing the date until 2 weeks after), my first son was born 02.03.04 (a natural birth and we were so busy hoping he wouldn’t arrive on 29.02.04 that we didn’t see the other date coming).  The first couple I helped clear to allow conception was born on 05.06.07.  An interesting series of synchronistic dates! 

- - - -

Relationships: they can also be helped …..

“As parents of William and Vanessa, the problem started to arise when William was almost 2.5 and Vanessa 12 – the age gap may have proven a factor. However we were not sure of the real reasons as to why William did not like Vanessa. He kept pushing her away, to the extent of not saying Goodnight to refusing to say thank you or even hello properly. We could see that there was real frustration and refusal to be kind and loving towards Vanessa. We spoke to Dawn in the summer of 2011 and she told us that she would try and help and that evening she had a distance session with William.
The next day we were dumb struck – not only did William say hello to Vanessa in the morning but he was genuinely nice and kind to her throughout the whole day! We couldn’t understand, we could not put it down to William being in a good mood as he repeated his behaviour for the next few days despite sometimes being in a bad mood. There were times when they had their differences but since that day William has changed in his approach towards Vanessa – and as a little brother should, he asks for his big sister when she is not around.
This session has certainly changed William and the situation resulting in his behaviour towards Vanessa for the whole family.”
James, Lausanne 11 March 2012

- - - -

A Viral Infection

“I have known Dawn for some years as we have been involved in some mutual business affairs. I was unaware that she was a healer at the time. One day I told Dawn that my daughter had developed a swollen gland in her neck and that we were very worried. We had seen doctors but the swelling had not subsided and the doctors were unable to diagnose the cause of the swelling. My wife Fiona and I spoke with Dawn on the telephone and through the call Dawn commenced treatment. It took some months but the swelling subsided and now it has cleared completely.”
Charles, 8 March 2012

When I spoke to Charles and Fiona and connected to their daughter I immediately received the information from her that she had a viral infection in the glands of her neck. This was confirmed later with an MRI conducted by her doctors who had been baffled for several months as to the cause of the swelling. Charles and Fiona preferred to treat their daughter naturally and over the course of a few months she had variations of the 3 main anti-viral and anti-bacterial medicinal herbs.

- - - -

A Painful Period No More

"Dawn has helped me to overcame and stabilize my big period pains. Before I met her my period was very long (up to 7 days) and extremely painful - a strong belly and back ache already 3 days before the actual period started. The pain was sometimes so strong that I was forced to stay in bed for the first two days. In addition it was was very strong and not regular.
Dawn first practice her "magic" energetic hands on me the period pain disappeared. Dawn then did a distance healing on me which transformed my whole period from then on. The length of the period is now at the most 4 days and it is much lighter with no pain. Such a relieve. Thank you very much Dawn."


- - - -

A Child Who Once Did Not Want to Go to School

" My 4-year son had issues integrating in school. Every day ended and started with cries and him saying that he does not want to go to school. At birthday parties of his classmates, he stayed away from other kids most of the time. He was saying that boys did not want to play with him and pushed him during the recreation time. I do not know whether that was true or not, but I was very sad to see him so unhappy with his social life, and I really wanted to help.
Our conversation with Dawn about this issue was purely a chance. I was not aware that she has this gift and is helping other kids. She offered to help some time in the future, and I agreed. The very next day, after coming back from school, my son was joking and laughing the whole evening. The morning after, he woke up in a  good mood and went to school with no tears. Later that day I received e-mail from Dawn asking if I noticed anything different with my son. I answered: "of course, it's a magic!" And it was for the whole week.
During the week-end, my son started saying again that he did not want to go to school. I let Dawn know. But Monday morning was difficult again. Monday evening, however, it was a completely different child - happy, funny, positive. As of Tuesday, he accepted to go school with no problem. The change was too dramatic to come organically, so I knew Dawn had "connected" with him again ;-)
Today I'm really happy to see him happy and enjoying social life. The progress has been spectacularly rapid and noticeable. We, as family, try to support our boy in his new attitude. Even if this takes some time to fully stabilize, it's really worth an effort!
I am extremely grateful to Dawn for her help. I do not know what and how she does, but I know that it works! If you hesitate, just try it - you have nothing to loose, but a lot to gain! "

A Happy Mother

- - - -

Take the Anger Out


"I have known Dawn for some years – we have mutual friends. I have remembered her on one day as my 3 year old son had one very bad fit that she might help us. Jules was not ill or anything but very frustrated and got angry about tiny little things and would hurt himself and twice so bad that it took 30 minutes to liberate him from this episode with the help of a little slap to distract him from his first worry. I felt helpless and I am sure it did not help that Jules at age 3 with 3 languages in his head could not sort out a word or even a phrase.  Dawn worked with Jules twice and already after the first treatment Jules has changed. Much happier, so at ease, smiling and starting to talk and very caring … danke, bitte Mama, merci Mama – tschüss Lili Rose. Really day and night. What a relief for the entire family who always tip toed around the little man. His father could not believe this big change happened and is over the moon to see his little boy a different and happy child."

12th June, 2012