“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says “I’m possible”!”

Audrey Hepburn

Course Testimonials

“After being intrigued and a little skeptical over several months of talking to Dawn about her energy 'thing' I was pleased to be invited along to a weekend course. I found the 2 days sooo interesting and after just half a day could feel and see the effects of the energy generated by my own hands!

I have since thought differently about so many things... If a family member is injured or has period pain, a headache or burn I straight away feel I can help. I also feel much more responsible for my own physical and emotional health and happiness. Before I felt out of control of so many aspects of life, and now I feel that I can take charge of the direction my life is going in, and to understand when I need to change tack and 'go with the flow' whereas before I would have fought against things that were not going my way. I have also become aware of how much I absorb other people’s energy, and am still trying to work on bouncing it off and not instantly feeling low or stressed according to the company I keep! As a result of this I have realised how important it is to choose my friends, people I respect and make me feel good, whereas before I would feel responsible and guilty for not spending enough time with everyone or leaving people out. I learnt how each and every one of us needs to be responsible for the course our lives take and try to give something positive back. Thanks Dawn!”

Sally I, Sardinia


“I would recommend the course to anyone interested to learn: 1) that there's more to life than they thought; 2) that they are much more powerful to control their life and destiny; 3) how important it is to live in harmony with oneself and the others; 4) how to maintain a healthy body for themselves and their friends. They should realise that these four points constitute a serious rethinking of their life paradigms and as such is important.”


“It changes your way of thinking and gives life much more of a positive outlook. Also it is a lovely feeling to know that you can help friends, family and strangers with illness and pain. It gives more control on life, I feel that I am more in charge of what happens to me.”


 “It is a course that lays the foundations of understanding - understanding that we are in charge of our own destinies. I would recommend the course especially to people who have a victim mentality (many of the people I know) - who are used to blaming someone else or the circumstances for their own failures. Those are two days that can stir interest to delve further into the topic and practice individually - especially for people who are already very spiritual but have not realized it or did not have the tools for developing their abilities. It is an excellent starting point for people who sense intuitively that there must be something more to life than working, worrying and dying, that life is an amazing miracle that has to be cherished and enjoyed.